Ace Lightning

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PlayStation 2 - Nya Spel
Artikelnr: 39378

This third-person action-adventure game lets you guide the foremost of the Lightning Knights, Ace Lightning, on his mission to defeat the evil Lord Fear and send him and his gang back to prison in the sixth dimension.

The only way to capture Lord Fear is to collect all the pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar, which he has hidden throughout the Carnival of Doom–a scary place full of exaggeratedly imposing tents, rides and sideshows, with distorted geometry and disturbing lighting effects.

You must guide Ace Lightning around the eerie halls of the Carnival, and into its four zones–the Ghost Town, Fun Park, Circus and House of Horror–on his great quest to collect the pieces of the Amulet.

In each of the game’s three-dimensional zones, you’ll need to use Ace’s skills to negotiate a series of different levels, and use his weapons to defeat a variety of henchmen, from crazy clowns to ghost town zombies, before meeting Lord Fear’s gang of ”zone bosses”, which include the BBC TV series’ characters Lady Illusion, Pigface, Googler and Dirty Rat.

Once all the parts of the Amulet have been recovered, the game climaxes with a final showdown between Ace Lightning and his evil nemesis Lord Fear in the Haunted House…