1080 Snowboarding

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Nintendo 64 - Begagnade Spel
Artikelnr: 11613

Ground-breaking snowboarding game, courtesy of Nintendo´s Japanese EAD development studio. Though there were snowboarding games before it, 1080 effectively defined how the genre should look, feel, and control. 1080 Snowboarding features six courses and eight playable characters, a half-pipe, trick challenges, licensed Lamar boards, a two-player cooperative mode and more. What makes it so spectacular are the same aspects that solidify so many Nintendo games as classics — indescribably tight control and a feeling that the activity of snowboarding, the sensation of it all, has truly been captured. Everything from the way snowboarders slide out and kick up trails of icy snow as they speed along to the way the wind screams by players as they slide downhill — it just feels right.