Batman Rise Of Sin Tzu

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In Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, the caped crusader faces a new enemy, unlike any he has ever faced before. The faceless foe plunges Gotham City into chaos on the night of the anniversary of Bruce Wayne´s parents´ murder. Who is responsible for unleashing havoc on Gotham City? The truth will be revealed.

Battle the evil forces of Gotham City by yourself or with a friend. Two players can fight the forces of evil as the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, or choose to control Nightwing or Batgirl. Take on Batman´s most infamous enemies including Bane, Clayface, Scarecrow and the new formidable foe, Sin Tzu, all appearing for the first time in a video game.

Sin Tzu, cunning master of strategy and martial arts, makes history as the first Batman character to debut in a video game. To commemorate this event, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have showcased the talents of veteran scriptwriter Flint Dille and renowned comic book artist Jim Lee as Sin Tzu´s cocreators and character designers.

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