102 Dalmatians Puppies To The Rescue

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Dreamcast - Begagnade Spel
Artikelnr: 27227

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue is a 3-D adventure in which you play as either Oddball or Domino and rescue puppies from Cruella De Vil. Other characters from Disney´s 102 Dalmatians movie include Dipstick, Dottie, LePelt, Waddlesworth and Fluffy. There are 20 levels and six mini-games that are set in environments like Big Ben, Regent´s Park, Piccadilly Circus, the Ice Festival and De Vil Manor. Players will solve puzzles, perform tricks, and lure Cruella´s henchmen–Horace and Jasper–into secret traps. The game stars Frankie Muniz as the voice of Domino.