European Super League

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Gratis frakt, leverans: 7-10 vardagar
Leverans utanför dörr (Sthlm, Gbg, Malmö m.fl.)
Dreamcast - Begagnade Spel
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Sporting 16 fully licensed team and stadium endorsements, ESL brings together the talent from the very finest teams in Europe to create a ´European Super League Championship´, from the comfort of your own home. Ronaldo, Zidane, Edgar Davids and Giggs are names to excite even the least fanatical football fan and they, along with countless other world class footballers are the foundation of this European Super League.

Entries from clubs such as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Marseille, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain will ensure that the gameplay experience as well as the fantasy league offers the toughest, most sought-after competition the world of football has ever been host to. Along with the fully licensed clubs and players, the stadiums where all the action takes place are modeled exactly to the real-life specifications down to the smallest detail. The commitment to precision accuracy is revealed further right down to the advertising hoardings, which are an exact replica of those in the real life stadiums.

No football game in the past has ever provided environmental realism that comes close to ESL.

To successfully accommodate the novice gamer and the hardcore football fanatic alike, ESL takes advantage of two control options that can be adopted, depending on an individual´s skill level. Therefore the beginner who may have struggled with excruciatingly complex control mechanisms adopted by former games need fret no more. The control interface of ESL when played in novice mode is limited to simple button combinations, allowing for a newcomer to pull off instantly impressive moves and plays without an extensive gaming career behind them.

However, for the advanced gamer, the alternate mode, although more complex and demanding, will give them far improved control over the game as they swerve, tackle and impress others with the vast array of tricks and tactical moves ESL incorporates.

Half of the experience of a great game and what makes it ultimately memorable is the stadium within which it takes place. The developers of ESL recognise this and therefore much care and attention has been applied to optimise the gaming extravagance.

The feeling of size and space inside the individual stadia is simply breath taking. The experience does not stop there however. The crowd witnessing the hard-played match will sing authentic and real-life chants for your chosen team creating an atmosphere that could only be witnessed if you purchased a ticket to the game.

Hot tickets for the biggest and best matches are horrendously expensive nowadays though aren´t they&&.so why not let ESL recreate the passion of competitive football for you?