Final Fight

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Super Nintendo - Begagnade Spel
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Mike Haggar, the new mayor of Metro City, had a long and distinguished career as a professional wrestler and street fighter. Determined to take back the streets from the ruthless gangs that currently run things, Haggar launches a one-man campaign to stop them. Always ready for a fight, the Mad Gear Gang kidnaps Haggars daughter, Jessica, and dares him to come after her. Along with Jessicas boyfriend Cody, you´ll have to kick some serious butt to save her and take the gang down. Playing as either Cody or Haggar, you´ll find five intense levels of non-stop punching and kicking as you try to rescue Jessica. Each character has its own fighting style, and they can both utilize the many weapons strewn about the environments. The new mayor can make quite a statement by taking the Mad Gears down, but he needs your help to do it.