Battalion Wars

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GameCube - Begagnade Spel
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Advance Wars hits Nintendo GameCube, where the award-winning turn-based masterpiece transforms into a real-time, 3-D strategic-action game! Take command of the field of war, breaking your forces into fast-moving squads and charging into battle. Lead the charge atop an armored tank, or race into battle with your best soldiers at your side!


Military strategy makes the move to real time! Command your forces in the heat of battle, but remember, your enemy won’t wait to make his move!

Take command of a squad of soldiers who follow your every move. Guide them into the action and direct them to attack on your command! As your soldiers gain combat experience, they’ll receive promotions, increasing their abilities on the battlefield!

Lead your soldiers well – take your heavy gunners against armor units or guide your infantry into a firefight. You can even lead your men into battle riding tall in a tank or flying over the battlefield in your own gunship!

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