Bass Fishing Exkl Fishing Rod

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Dreamcast - Begagnade Spel
Artikelnr: 22029

You don´t have to buddy up to Charlie Tuna to get hooked on fishing in a stunning 3-D virtual lake. Got the eagle eye and nerves of steel of a true sports fisherman? Then just hold on tight, start reeling, and don´t break that line. Lure the granddaddy bass from the murky depths of Lake Paradise by choosing different strategies. Three gameplay modes make for non-stop fun for all levels of expertise. A unique fishing controller gives you a realistic jolt when a bass bites and then battles your line. Sega Dreamcast´s virtual fishing is so realistic, you can almost smell the slime. After a few hours on the lake, you´ll be telling stories of the Big One that didn´t get away.