Climax Landers (Japansk)

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Dreamcast - Begagnade Spel
Artikelnr: 48579

The game is Climax Landers and you are Sword, a young hero magically whisked away from the security of his home. You find yourself on a dangerous quest to unite with other unlikely heroes, right all that is wrong, and return to your own land once again. There´s plenty of hack and slash, role-playing combat, and exploration to be had and with randomized dungeons there´s always new territory to fight and forage through. Just be careful, because you can only carry four valuable items at a time as you delve into the dank and foreboding underground lairs. Sword´s war party grows as he journeys with the addition of stout allies and cash rewards are given if enough vicious monsters are slain. Not sure just how a creature is feeling towards you? A unique beast meter clues you in on how aggressive the monster is. Master a number of spells like Capture (which forces enemies to fight for you), Clairvoyance, and the as powerful as it sounds-Armageddon. TIME STALKERS is an intriguing, role-playing fantasy filled with magic, mayhem, and blade-swinging combat.